Social Media

Why Should Social Media Be Part of Your Marketing Strategy?

Social networking sites make a major impact on purchasing decisions.

A recent study shows that those who are fans or followers of a company on Facebook and Twitter, respectively, are significantly more likely to buy products and services or recommend a brand to a friend. Using social networks to interact with your prospects and customers is a viable way to increase branding, overall company perception and brand loyalty.

Social Marketing Benefits You Can Expect If We Work Together

For starters, how does FREE, high quality traffic sound?

  • Account set-up and optimization for all the top social media sites
  • Access to over 500 million new potential customers
  • Enable people to refer your business to all of their contacts
  • You’ll be able to see what people are saying about your company
  • Your business will be looked at as an industry leader
  • You’ll increase your Web sites natural search engine rankings
  • You’ll build stronger, more lasting, relationships with your customers
  • You’ll get FREE, targeted, traffic from all over the world

Why “Smart Companies” Work With Us

Experience is Key to Your Success

We only use ethical and proven social media marketing strategies that have enabled us to successfully set-up and optimize numerous companies. Our social media consultants have 15+ yrs social media networking experience enabling our clients to get the best exposure and results.

Clients work one-on-one with their own Web 2.0 Social media advertising consultant based right here in the USA. More importantly, being a social media expert company, we know what works and what does not so our clients save time and money. Our superior technology and proven social media marketing approach ensures our clients get the absolute best RESULTS possible in the least amount of time. We’ll show you how!


Solution # 1: Professional Account Set-up and/or Existing Account Optimization

What we do:

  • Set-up and account optimization of the top social sites like:
    Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Digg and Yelp
  • Branding of your accounts with your logo, look and feel wherever possible
  • We install the HOTTEST Facebook apps to your account to drive more business and fans
  • Enable you to build your email list
  • Bios, personal info and optimal settings created/optimized
  • Complete support, help and best practices feedback.


Solution # 2: Live One-on-One Best Practice Consulting and Training

Topics that are covered:

  • Tailored discussion of your overall goals your best strategy
  • Which social sites are the best fit for your strategy
  • What content you need to post for maximum results
  • The best methods for driving targeted traffic to your site
  • How to gain and retain more fans and followers consistently
  • How to get people to promote you for free
  • How to track growth, impact and success rates


Solution # 3: We Make Your Content Go Viral with Our Content Distribution Modules

These two services are absolutely critical for your website visitors to join your social networking sites as well as giving people the instant ability to add your Web site or blog content to their social networks resulting in free promotion of your content, products, services and business which can translate into more sales.

Service # 1: Social Networking Icon Integration.

Why is this service critical to your social marketing success?

  • It will integrate your social network account icons on your website.
  • It will enable your visitors to be able to access your social networking sites from any page on your site
  • It will enable a direct sync with your website properties and your visitors social networking accounts
  • It will help your content go viral resulting in free word of mouth advertising

Service # 2: Dynamic Content Distribution Module.

We will install this special module on each page of your website so visitors have the 1 click ability to add your content to their social networks so you get free marketing and promotion. The is the most effective way to make your content go viral, get free traffic, and convert more sales!

Why this is critical to your social marketing success?

  • It will enable your website visitors to be able to access your social networking sites from any page on your site.
  • It enable your visitors to add your content to their social networking accounts enabling them to promote your content for free to their network of followers.
  • Your website will be integrated with Facebook, Twitter, Digg while enabling visitors to email your content to friends and colleagues.
  • It will socialize your content resulting in free promotion of your business resulting in more leads and sales.

Tap Into The Power of Social Media!

As a business owner, marketing and getting your name out there is important. Much has been said and written about social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+.

Most of us find ourselves still dabbling in social media and ‘trying it out’. Some have no knowledge about the different aspects of social media and are too overwhelmed to even get started.

Are you feeling that way? I did. The playing field for doing business has been leveled by social media. You and I can effectively reach out and engage with a diverse and large audience from around the world. For free!

Let’s take the overwhelming, ever-evolving world of social media and make it work for you and your business. Social media will help you

  • Communicate and build relationships with your target audience
  • Increase your reach every day
  • Build traffic to your blog
  • Generate leads for your business
  • Introduce your product or services to a targeted audience world wide
  • Increase readership with your blog
  • Listen to, and meet, potential clients needs to make more sales
  • Cut down the hours of talking on the phone
  • And much more

Social media has transformed the way we make choices and communicate. It’s time for us to take it seriously and make it one of the centerpieces of our marketing strategy.

Through social media, blog content and engagements with your audience, you will start building

  • A brand for your company
  • A community that you could serve
  • A voice that they can trust
  • Content that helps to serve their needs
  • Trust and relationships
  • Your business profits

Today’s consumers are looking for someone they can trust, one they could reach out to, and one who provides answers to their immediate needs.

To know the ins and outs of social media takes time. We are here to help.

Your first step is to set up a Social Media Review.

Social Media Packages

Some business owners may need more help in getting their social media channels up and running. We can help connect you with our team of trained professionals for ongoing Social Media Management, Vacation Services or many other resources to help you expand your social reach.

45 Minutes Social Media Review To Set You Up for Success

Let our experts help you map out your social media platforms and show you what should and should not be done. This includes a 45 minutes session to clear all the clutter and help you focus on what will work for your social media platforms.

First, our expert will review your social media platforms and present a review through a 15 minute slideshow with screenshots. Next, they will schedule a recorded 30 minutes consultation with their mapped out recommendations.

Upon acceptance of our review, we will develop an action plan for your future social media needs during this session.

Facebook Fan Page (Business Page) Set Up

A Facebook personal page is different from a Fan Page. We will set up your business page in 2 parts.

Part I: ($167 Value)

List your business information

Your bio

Relevant links

Design a custom Facebook header ($97 Value)

Add your profile picture

6 additional photos

Invite your friends to like your page

Part II ($177 Value)

Add applications to increase traffic

Work with you to create a welcome message tab

Product tab or free opt in tab

Blog content app

Networked Blog app that features your blog content

Pinterest app

You tube (if you have videos) to share

PLUS: 2 hrs of Copywriter and Key word Research assistance to help you increase your Facebook pages Google rankings for your niche. ($97 Value)

Bonus *we help you get your first 35 likes*

Twitter Page Set Up

Twitter is a must in today’s social media world. And branding yourself on Twitter will get you in front of an audience that is different than Facebook. Twitter is growing in leaps and bounds and it is important to use this social media tool.

Your Twitter set up includes:

  • Client survey of you and your company
  • Bio written by a copywriter  – $50 value
  • Twitter Background Personalized Graphic – $135 value
  • 10 #Hashtags of Key Words in your Niche
  • 50 Follows of  People in your Niche

Pinterest Set Up Service

Coming Soon

Social Media Client Care Monthly Package

Monitoring these social media platforms:


  • Follow back people who have followed
  • Clean up spammers and direct messages
  • Delete and block unwanted spam
  • 4 status updates of your articles, quotes, questions, products, sales pages, or anything from your website per day (provided by client)
  • Monthly report to track your progress


  • Clean up spammers and direct messages
  • Delete and block unwanted spam
  • 4 status updates of your articles, quotes, questions, products, sales pages, or anything from your website per day (provided by client)
  • Monthly report to track your progress

NOTE: Up to 10,000 followers on Twitter and 5,000 on Facebook

Prices will change if you have over 10,000 followers on Twitter and 5,000 on Facebook (please ask for details)

Add additional Social Media Platforms like LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram for an additional fee.

Grow Your Audience Package

Some of our clients really enjoy doing their social media posts but don’t have time to Retweet, respond to direct messages, or research their niche and grow their followings.

Let our Social Media experts help you grow new followers every week. If you need a specifically tailored Social Media package purchase our Social Media Review and we will recommend a Social Media Assistance package that is right for you.