Product Creation

From Stories to Online Information Products

iStock 000019062894XSmall Ebook CreationOpen the vault to profits that lie hidden in your business! Are you putting many eBooks and Reports that should be written on the back burner? Because you can’t seem to find the right words, time, format or just can’t sit down and write the words that are flowing through your mind? What if you had a team that could come help take you from being overwhelmed, stuck and frozen in procrastination to having Informational Products rapidly created and launched into the marketplace?

Let us help you create your online informational products! Sometimes Do-it-yourself (DIY) does not apply to all areas of your business. What could take you months or years to figure out may take an expert days or weeks to create and deliver. We want to be that expert to help you move forward and achieve your goals. Our team of Copywriting and marketing professionals will:

  • Evaluate your website, business goals, stories
  • Look into all the recorded teleseminars, webinars, classes, free reports, blog posts you have created
  • Help you fine tune your stories through various creative channels
  • Suggest the best way to create your informational products
  • Give you the processes, estimated costs and delivery times

How can this be done quickly? Your Stories + Our Expertise = Info Products That Sell 24/7 All within 2 weeks! This eBook creation is for you if you are a business owner who has stories of struggles to results, overcame a pain or disease, business owner that has many tips and tricks that you have taught for years or just anyone who has a message that could help readers to live a better life. Imagine being able to get your message in front of hundreds of thousands of people without you being physically present. Now you can organize your how-to, tips, stories, testimonials or any other subject into informational products. Creating a lifetime income stream on your Web site. This is the get paid while you sleep model made easy! Our service includes:

  • Evaluate your goals and making suggestions
  • Take your content (notes, video, audio, articles) and format them into an eBook
  • Research and add content if necessary
  • Add relevant pictures and illustrations
  • Create a book cover
  • Write a compelling book title and chapter titles with table of contents
  • Write a sales page for your product
  • Insert “Buy Now” button and connect to PayPal account
  • Create a Mailing List with Aweber Email Service
  • Start a series of autoresponder emails automatically to deliver products and connect with your clients

How long can your EBook wait? Too many of us have dreams of finishing an eBook that customers would love but are still stuck in frustration, confusion and procrastination. Don’t let that be you. eBook creation can help take your business to the next level and bring multiple sources of income to your website. It is profitable and fun if you know how. For a $200 deposit, we will assign an expert to guide you and get you started.

Get Started Now Deposit Upon receiving your deposit, we will evaluate your project and give you a quote for the whole project, send a proposal and delivery date.