Managing Projects Near Manila Drift Space

It is truly difficult to manage something you can not see. For projects I handle, I see to it that my mission is well defined and that I brief my team thoroughly. After scoping our goals for a project, my next and continuous task is to track the project’s progress. Keeping track of multiple projects is not easy but can be simplified if you know how to work smarter online with all the right online collaboration tools.

One way to work smarter online to produce higher quality results is by checking out the points that affect projects. Knowing these allow you to track your development toward the completion of your deliverables. According to PMI’s Project Managers Book of Knowledge, important points you need to pay attention to in tracking projects are scope, cost and time to yield quality.

Upon taking a project I always ask myself, “Is this in scope?” I need to determine if the task is still realizable based on my team’s abilities and potentials. Always keep in mind that one of the best answers, when asking the eternal question of how to bring out the best in your team, is by giving them jobs that are within their abilities so they won’t end up overwhelmed.

Since we are always looking for affordable options that are best for our working family we began working with Zoho CRM. Unfortunately, the data entry process to add skills was quite cumbersome. So when our HR/Recruiter, Via Enriquez, found Asana, one of Heather & Cory’s primary concerns was the cost. Are we under budget? Fortunately the answer is a resounding yes.

However, we soon found that, while Asana was an excellent HRM platform, the CMS features were somewhat limited. In addition, due to our passive, residual, affiliate program for writers and clients, we were gaining as many as 5 writers each day and were severely limited by Asana’s team restrictions. For this reason, we kept Asana for HRM purposes and were very relieved when Via appeared to answer all of our functionality problems in the form of Freedcamp. However, after using it for only a short time and thoroughly enjoying all of the benefits, we sadly found it to be a very cliquish brute that prefers not to play well with anyone but Google Chrome – preventing access for many of our writers.

Now, one quality that aptly describes me as Asst. Team Leader is being time conscious. The turnaround of deliverables can be met with so many dilemmas that I have to deal with instantly to beat deadlines. That is why I make sure that I have a system that tracks my team’s progress. Something able to constantly remind them of our current status so they will also strive to do their best and follow up with needed updates. Something that allows me to manage quickly in case there are emergencies. My ubiquitous question? “Are we on schedule?

When considering quality, I always ask myself, “Does this meet the specs?” I check the necessary features in a communication channel of a software that caters to the needs of my team to deliver in expected time. Utilizing Google Doc’s quality communication tool makes everything from querying progress to answering questions very easy.

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