Managing Projects Near Manila Drift Space 2

In Managing Projects Near Manila Drift Space, I shared a little of our family’s history and how we eventually found our way to Asana and Google Docs. Now I would like to share with you the 5 best practices I personally use to keep track of my projects to show you how to bring out the best in your team.

Assign specific people to individual tasks and deliverables. Even as an Asst. Team Leader, I am tracking the project as a whole. There are many different people and organizations working on our multiple projects. By assigning specific people in a generic group I am able to hold someone accountable.

Provide online access to project plans and schedules. Laying this out for my team brings them in sync with my timetable. Plus, it also makes them feel important being allowed to see the bigger picture with all of it’s variables.

Update in real-time. Real time updates, answers and corrections provide immediate feedback. Beating communication barriers is important to the success of a project. Imagine giving a change in format to be received by your team the moment they have completed the previous order.

Report anything off track immediately. Informing my team about what is really going on that could offset the project in real time can prevent much larger problems in the future and help me to re-baseline my entire team.

Escalate Issues and Risks Quickly. Obviously, I cannot solve issues unless I address them. The faster this is done, the less damage to our budget, time, scope and quality, is incurred.

Google Docs has allowed my team to do all of the up to the minute checks on every project detail, from client acceptance, to delegation of tasks to the right individual with the right background and tracking on time submissions of deliverables. It changed the way we do things in our family of writers from merely efficient to laser scope precision.

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