How to Bring Out the Best in Your Team

The success of my projects vitally depends on how I empower my team. To bring out the fullest potential of my team, I see to it that they are equipped with the necessary skills and strategies to scope their milestones and complete projects as fast and efficiently as possible.

How Do I Bring Out the Best in My Team?

Honestly, I think of my team members as members of my family, each having a backpack to be filled. What am I to put in their backpacks to bring out the best in them while working on their project? I simply imagine that I, as a Project Manager (PM), am a parent sending them off to school. What are the essential things I must be able to share with them to ensure their success while they’re away, finishing off some task, throughout their day?

Roles / Responsibilities: It helps to bring out the best in my team if I assign project members to the correct roles and responsibilities. Make sure they have the abilities, capabilities, skills and training to actually function competently in the role that I provide them. So many times I have seen teams that were mismatched with their roles. That neither set them up for success nor helped to provide for their company.

Instruction: I make sure to provide them the reason for their project. When a team works on a project without knowing why they are doing the task, it makes for defective deliverables. Letting them know the reason for their project and why it is so important for the organization, company or cause that we are working for is significant to motivate them to set and accomplish their goals. Providing the project plan refers to the overall scope of the project. How are we to execute the plans? How and when do we communicate? How do we handle risk and other issues?

Given those few queries, I also look into the different processes involved. What systems do I have available to make this project work? It is important to have an established system that can measure and track both efficiency and effectiveness. Also, letting my team know what their tasks are and laying out the schedule gives everyone a sense of direction. Here is how I layout tasks and schedules for my team when managing projects near Manila Drift Space.

Training: Many times I see teams working with project members who don’t have the proper training – thus barring their growth and efficiency. Suppose one of your team members is promoted to some technical role differing from their previous experience. Do you think that person could maximize their new role? Providing proper orientation and other training to familiarize team members with the project is a smart investment of time that likewise teaches them how to work smarter online to complete their projects.

Support: I have found that the most powerful question I can throw to my team or stakeholders is, “How may I be able to make your work or life better?” Simply letting my project team know that I am there for them can have a great and immediate impact. I make them feel better by being aware that they are part of the family. It gives them confidence knowing that I not only care about the success of the project but will make myself available to ensure their personal success as well.

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