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GWMO allows you to effortlessly build passive, residual, income. Earn from eBooks, memberships, podcasts, software, webinars and much more around the world. Build your portfolio, from your first product launch to Amazon and eBay size warehouses.

Discover how to increase visibility, establish credibility, and achieve profitability for yourself, your business, or your organization by opening your gateway to online marketing! GateWay Marketing Online specializes in creating professional, personalized, marketing solutions by redirecting both information and cash flow.

Discover how our unique holistic approach helps you to build relationships, grow with stability, and profit much faster! Today this is called Virtual Real Estate or Social Capital but only GWMO Founder Cory Buford has been a Virtual Realty Consultant since 1997.

GateWay Marketing Online began by combining old fashioned values with new age technology and developing a holistic approach to online business by designing, developing, and marketing virtual real estate to increase visibility, build credibility and attain profitability. Today we develop Enterprise level Social Media Marketing platforms capable of sustaining the long term value of your customers with no broadcasting, no venture capital, and no outbound sales team but our truly unique selling point is our complete synchronicity and unparalleled customer service.

Why do we treat every Web site as a valuable piece of Real Estate? Location, location, location. You hear it all the time and it’s no different online. Since visibility leads to credibility and only then to profitability, enterprise level social networking platforms are quickly becoming a necessity for modern business. After the past 13 years as Sr. Web Designers and Developers, we have acquired many satisfied customers including the Pacesetter Soccer Club and Toledo Neighborhood Block Watch. As Chairs for Toledo Neighborhood Block Watch, we are combining Informatics with other forms of Business and Knowledge Process Outsourcing to lower crime by increasing financial intelligence.

We are currently involved with the following and are always looking to expand our Information, Referral, and Support networks via LinkedIn:

Assets Toledo Alumni BoardSales Leads Group (Former Co-Organizer)Toledo Neighborhood Block Watch Board
Glass City ConnectSite PointToledo Entrepreneurs and Mastermind (TEAM)
Metro Detroit Wordpress MeetupStart Up Master Mind in Toledo (SUMMIT)Toledo Entrepreneurs Mastermind Group (Former Organizer)
Power Coffee MeetupThoseFellas LLC / The N.E.T.T.Warrior Forum

Come discover how to hire the right Web Developer and explore the many benefits our clients have enjoyed from our eighteen years of solid experience and qualifications. Let’s talk now so you won’t have to ask “Who Took My Money?” later!

First of all, Heather and Cory Buford are incredibly talented people who also happen to be extremely nice. Try to find that in the business world today. It´s not easy.

My experience with them has been extraordinary. They go above and beyond to make sure their clients are not just satisfied, but thrilled with the finished product, be it a web design, flyer, or any of their numerous services.

If you´re looking for that personalized service that is fast, and reasonably priced, then GateWay Marketing Online is the company for you.

Allison Hobbs
January 10, 2006

Author of:
Pandora´s Box (October 2003)
Insatiable (November 2004)
Dangerously In Love (January 2006)
Double Dippin´ (July 2006)

Heather and Cory have been nothing short of amazing since I joined their team. The pair compliment each other and the magic they produce shows their clients that they have a keen eye when it comes to creativity and design. I´m also pleased with innovative suggestions from the duo, which put their clients in a business limelight for better exposure and higher sales.

I recommend GateWay Marketing Online to anyone who is looking for a design team who gives the one on one attention that is required in the corporate world.

Darrien Lee
January 11, 2006

Author of:
All That and a Bag of Chips (October 2002)
Been There, Done That (July 2003)
What Goes Around Comes Around (July 2004)
When Hell Freezes Over (October 2005)
Brotherly Love (July 2006)
Talk to the Hand (October 2006)

As an author it´s essential to have a strong web presence. Unfortunately, I had the same old website for years. It was time for a change so I turned to GateWay. They gave my old, outdated website a sorely needed extreme makeover — and they did it fast! They were easy to work with, and explained technical terms in a way anyone can understand. I´m thrilled about my new site. I regularly receive compliments on its design. I recommend GateWay to anyone looking for a professional website at a good price!

Michael T. Owens
December 09, 2005

Author of:
Pick-Up Lines (January 2004)
Intimacy (February 2004)
Fetish (April 2005)
A Dream Come True (September 2005)
Truth Be Told (February 2006)

I met Cory Buford through his future wife, Heather. I was talking to her about having a website for our local Tai Chi group. Heather suggested that I talk to Cory. I did and the rest is history. He took about three weeks to get the basics up and running for our group. It took another week to tweak it and get it the way we wanted it. Since then, when changes are needed, they usually are made within hours or at the most a day. I usually email Cory about the changes needed or with attachments to be put on the website. Cory emails me back that the changes were made and asks how they look. If further changes are needed; he makes them right away. He’s always positive about the changes and looks to grow his web designing business.

Our website is

TR Statum 04-09-04
Toledo Tai Chi Players