Websites Don’t Make Money – Businesses Do!

Business is About Relationships: Visibility + Credibility = Profitability

Everyone prefers to do business with those they know, like and trust so your business must first have visibility and build credibility before you are able to reach profitability. Skip any of the above and you’ll be leaving money on the table:


Marketing Packages: A cutting edge Web site framework equipped with SEO friendly links. Our industry leading content management system is eqipped with highly targeted Web site traffic statistics monitoring.

Blogging: People interact, support and build relationships with those they know, like, and trust. Leverage your ideas, lifestyle and other social proof with fresh evergreen content to increase traffic, feedback, and accountability while building your monitized brand.

Landing Pages: Welcome new subscribers from Facebook, Twitter, and anywhere else with personalized emails, rss feeds and much more. Build subscriber trust and confidence by answering questions, delivering downloads, and providing product/service information. Create long term client relationships through newsletters, eCourses and other automated deliveries with an average of 43 times return on investment.

Search Marketing: Beware of SEO companies offering immediate rank improvement. Utilize the best methods of “Net Copy-writing” so that your site description persuades prospects to visit your site. Take advantage of the best use of keywords, with descriptive site titles, to direct searches to your website. Most importantly, use analyzed keywords and meta tags in optimized content and site architecture complete with a site map, secured robots.txt file and your contact information safely encrypted on every page.


Social Media: Access over 500 million new potential customers and enable people to refer your business to all of their contacts. See what people are saying about your company and be looked upon as an industry leader. Increase your websites natural search engine rankings and build stronger, longer lasting relationships with your customers. In brief, get FREE, targeted traffic from all over the world.

List Building: Tired of trying to sell a single item to many customers? Why not focus on the long term value of each customer by inviting them into your warehouse of products and services. How many times would you buy a Blu-Ray player? How many Blu-Rays would you buy if someone gave you the player for free? A customer properly served is never fully satisfied and always loyal. From One-time-Offers to Upsells and Downsells. Continuity, Membership, and recurring income can be yours if you know how to properly funnel your customers through a semi-automated system.


Product Creation: Now that you know where the big money is, do you have enough products and services to fill your warehouse? Product creation is not as hard as it sounds as long as you know what you are doing. Did you know you could even get your visitors to create your products for you? From eBooks to audio and even video, simply tell us your niche and we’ll take care of everything else.


Do you already have a Web site that’s not yielding your desired results? Contact us now to put all the pieces together and maximize your profit pulling potential!

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